Contemporary Mall Design | By Gulraiz Architects and Builders | Mall of Kallar -Islamabad


Mall of Kallar

Location Kallar Syedan , Islamabad- Pakistan
Category Commercial
Project area 90,000 Sq ft

Architecture Design Firm

Gulraiz Architects


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Lead Architect Ahmed Gulraiz
Lead Visualizer Wajahat Ali
Project Year 2018

This Project is designed at a remote area of Kallar which comes in Rawalpindi district, with a T-shaped site. The sensitivity of this project is different from developed societies with its lone cultural values. The design of mall is environmentally friendly and sustainable not solely dependent on mechanical ventilation but also on natural ventilation systems.

Architecturally speaking the structure of the mall consists of simple square frame suspended over pin-shaped pillars with a series of louvers giving an interesting play of lights and shadows inside the mall. This modern Elevation opens up to one dimension parking lot which creates a very broad and inviting entry from the main entrance.



The modern facade goal was to make a strong haptic quality of materials that conveys the themes of climate protection and naturalism but also modernity and innovation.

The most challenging part was designing the play of Sun facing facade with the glass wall. The building creates a harmony between a mall and a community center to cater both the entertainment and re-creational facilities for the local people to broaden their cultural perspectives while to enjoy and live the urban space with its surroundings.


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