Architecture Competition Project | SWITCH- Re imagining Guggenheim Museum New york | By ORAD

Architecture Competition Project Re imagining Guggenheim Museum New york
Project Location 1071 5th Avenue NewYork City
Built Area 10,000 sq.m.


City as a design narrative

When it comes to urban fabric nothing should be blunt, it should be transparent or at least translucent in some sense. The narrative of the architecture then becomes permeable. The Viewer doesn’t want to be hit by a building on the face; they want architecture to allow their movement either its ocular or physical. If it’s a public structure, it should act like one. It should be welcoming enough for general public, allowing them to experience it freely and make them participate. It is as important as form and as complicated as function. To demonstrate permeability, the built fabric rises up and allows general public to infiltrate, to take short cuts and most importantly to play around, like an extension to New York’s central park which sits right opposite. it helps people to own the architecture.

The west corner is raised to form an amphitheater which along with ceiling is covered in reflective finish, giving and idea of infinite space. With risen entrance to the museum which itself is covered with translucent skin acts like blurred barrier (literally). The transparent bridges connecting the “discontinuous” structure like an island, lets viewer visually connect to the city through the central open-to-sky void.
Functional agglomeration is clear from outside for public; it’s a building that celebrates “art”. The two layered facade helps building to insulate as well as gives a canvas to architecture, it can be anything. In the end to have the ultimate New York experience visitor moves up the ladder to witness the city as a visual narrative from a two layered terrace which acts a restaurant also.

Vertically stacked exhibition spaces are connected with interpolating masses. Public concourse is sandwiched between administration floor and library and auditorium in basement. Public concourse is an outdoor social exhibition space. Concourse brings art to public consumption and unites viewer and art in an active informal manner. Café/Restaurant is on roof level looks out over central park. Restaurant area is placed in a manner that it can function by itself.

Building Fabric is a living translucent canvas for digital and public art. Façade of building resonates with the spirit of city and reflects the vibe of surrounding urbanity


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