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 Zubaida’s – Little Darling Store

Location Karachi
Type Retail

Architecture Design Firm

Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio


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Zubaida’s is one of the oldest Kid’s stores in Pakistan, getting the opportunity to design for them did not imply imposing our design ideas on their existing image, but to fuse it with their brand identity. However, we were given a little bit of freedom to experiment with enhancing the outlook of the stores. After a session of brain storming, Apostrophe came up with an initiative to build a store not only for kids or their parents, but for the whole family; and no other place embodies the interests of a family than a ‘Home’.

We have tried to envision the store as an abode of a young couple, the experience of which drives along the life of a young couple. The Store’s entrance is where the story of the family life beings; you enter in to a space celebrating the event of a baby shower. We plan to display the various products the store offers over here, so this introductory space also acts as a window display foyer.

The Baby Shower space marks out the arrival of a newborn, so you move on to the next space of our retail store which is modeled like the room of a newborn baby, there is a cot on display here along with other soft toys and accessories that make this space look like it has been decorated for a newborn baby.

Trying to give the retail space a homely environment, we came up with a few design elements that we thought will give the space a more homely oomph. We have taken inspiration from kids’ drawings, as a home of kids rarely has walls with no drawings scribbled on them. To highlight the idea, and not too literally also, we have actually made the space like it’s been hand drawn by a kid. The easy way out would have been to scribble on the walls everywhere, but we have actually turned kids’ drawings into space markers. The most obvious objects kids draw, have been used to decorate our ground floor of the store, so the scribbling has come off the walls and turned into 3d ornaments; the hut house, the stars, the moon, the one line birds, clouds and sun, just as hand drawn by a kid, become portals, lighting fixtures and various other ornaments of our shop design.

Our mezzanine space is designed like a room of grown up kids, with more of a sporty and snazzy vibe to it, our false ceiling has a number taken out a football jersey, our floors have been laid out like that of a sporting track, and our racks have been made like gym dumbbell racks.

The basement has been made to look like a kid’s play area, where wavering wall niches hold up the display, false ceiling takes up the playful forms typical of a children’s play pod, floor is made like that of a hard landscaped park, benches for customer seating are designed like park swings; the whole space is embellished with play area signs and instructions to make it feel real.

Zubaida’s has a wide range of products for display, our conceptual home segments don’t happen in isolation, so all ‘rooms’ that we have designed of an imaginary ‘home’ happen in coherence with the product displays within the store.


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