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Artisan Catering Office

Location Karachi
Type Office

Architecture Design Firm

Apostrophe’ Architecture Studio


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Design By Irfan Ali syed


Located at vibrant Zamzama commercial, this tiny office celebrates a mix of flavor of the very context. With the brief of a small catering office, the intention was to give the office space a festive touch, whereas retaining an exquisite look and feel. This concept led to a minimal design approach with hand-picked materials to collectively offer a stark contrast. The material palette with charcoal grey porcelain tile, dark grey carpet tiles and a white marble wrapped staircase sets a neutral base.

The neutral palette extends to white marble seating benches and reception counter. Small pattern wallpaper introduces the festive touch to hint the celebration of the events catered by the business. The festive touch is also hinted in transformation of dark grey carpet tiles into a bright orange color in the meeting room. Further exquisite look and feel was introduced through thin bronze coated metal sections to embrace all glass partitions, be it outside or be it inside. The bronze coated metal sections were also used to celebrate the diagonal edges at the bottom of the staircase displayed inside the meeting room. The wall between the staircase and the meeting room was made with thin cement boards and carefully crafted to allow ample privacy and yet have an airy feel. The bronze coated sections serve as a broken handrail on the same wall and the bronze finish was carried to the glass door hardware. The ceiling was done in a glossy black polyurethane sheet to instill a time of the day at which usually the events take place. Intricate lighting fixtures and warm temperature add on to the exquisite touch of the space. The space, although dark in external appearance, carries a festive secret and offers a pause to the onlookers at a small corner of Zamzama street.



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