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ClientTariq Abdullah
LocationKarachi –Pakistan
Plot Size1500 sq yd

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Project ArchitectKhadija tul kubra
Photo CreditsM. Nimr Pervez
TextHaya Qadri


The client Brief asked for a child friendly house.  Though the permanent residents of the were an elderly couple and their college going son. The frequent visit of the married daughters and their young kids weighed in the determining the design brief and thus influenced all aspects of design. 

The first and foremost of which was to accommodate all living spaces on the ground floor as the grandparents sought to be connected with their kids and have and easy access around the house at all times . They need for privacy of the client is also reflected in the design. The house is arrived around two outdoor spaces with varying degree of privacy. The front garden with its fully grown lignum and terminalia trees is use more for family /social gathering as it is exposed to the car park and gate.

During suitable time usually evenings the kids run around there or take a swing keeping in mind the privacy factor the entrance to the house is also tucked behind a mass so that it is not visible form gate .

The other outdoor space, the centrally located swimming pool and deck is introverted and private enough to be used any day at any time. It becomes the hub of activities especially during summer when the kids take a dip in the pool and the family sits around Most of the living spaces in the house look into this area .

The stair case leads to the first floor with open terraces and an evening room connected is a feature bridge overlooking the pool side bridge connects the front and the backside of the house promoting visual transparency and connectivity. The gesture of the sleek vertical elements allows the user to glance in to the double height dining hall on side and the pool on the other. Additionally the bridges shades the pool side and the deck are on the ground floor, sanctioning an innovation during the day time.

Reflecting the client’s personality the house is formed simply by well placed columns and understated textures of washed terrazzo and grey cement plaster. The neutral material palette enhances the rich and of teak wood used all over the house. In the interiors the surfaces were kept smooth and rounded bearing in mind a kid’s vulnerability. ]

Karachi is known for its not hot summer and mild winter. Being on the Arabian seas coast is blesses by the sea breeze which moderated the weather. On a west facing plot the U shaped Quad arrangement of the house captures the pleasant prevailing south west breeze whereas two bedrooms facing the north east have a provision of a wind ca catcher for their ventilation .


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