Minimalist House | By The Grid Architects | L House – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India




location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Completion Year 2017


Plot Area 7806.26 square foot


Total built area 4122.61 square feet


Architect’s Firm

The Grid Architects


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Lead Architects Snehal Suthar & Bhadri Suthar
Other participants: Vishvajit Hada, Aanal shah.


Landscape Consultants

The Grid Architects

Photo credits: Photographix India              


Design should be a link between the present and future generations.


There is a purpose to every dot that is extended to a line. Reflecting on spaces and volumes created, and bringing about a harmony in the sequence of thoughts, leads to free-flowing spaces unhindered by (purposeless) walls. The design concept and the ensuing journey embraces the subtle rhythms and work of passion. The symmetry of the house is felt in the boxes extruding from the exterior and the voids in the interior.

Project note

The designing of a home is apparently designing a lifestyle. It is not only bringing together of soil, climate, material but also centres around the lifestyle of the people who will habitat that dwelling. For each design and client there is a unique combination of influences – people, places, events, memories and perception (absorb and observe).

The planning and interior design of this project was completely entrusted to the architects, as the clients had tremendous faith in the architects’ understanding of their needs. While the architects tried to fulfill all their requirements, what ignited their minds was staying true to the site/earth/atmospheric settings.

The architecture itself was shaped by two factors: site forces and a succinct one-line requirement stated by the client. The plot is at a cul de sac, sited in a densely-populated residential area; a flat piece of land dotted with a number of trees. The retention of three huge local trees with widespread branches became a design driver.

The second consideration that influenced the architectural response was the client’s request for the kitchen to be centrally located such that it would be in line of sight of the main door, and the dining and living rooms… basically, It had to feel connected to the events unfolding in the rest of the house. The low-rise dwellings around the site and the bylaws of the city were other influencing factors.

Working around the local trees gave rise to the name and shape of the L HOUSE. Succeedingly, the architects achieved a straight car park and could propose and achieve an organic shape with fluid movements and intersecting volume of shape as a result of square and rectangular boxes based on a grid. The design is directed towards simple, stark clean and uncluttered interiors and volume of spaces. There is a fluidity of spaces with a certain dependence between them, helped the semi-private and private spaces to be interactive, triggering diverse sensations and moods to encourage communication.

It all starts with a refreshing landscape, featuring carefully-curated, climate-correct plantation. The entrance verandah is surrounded by the waterbody and meticulously planned landscape, complete with patio furniture. Customized lights that wash the exterior stone-clad walls create a serene atmosphere.

Across the pure thick teak wood main door, and in the courtyard – which is the highlight of the house – a specially fashioned abstract 3D mural of birds in flight to infinity on an exposed RCC wall, reflects the joie de vivre exuded by the sculpture of a little boy delicately balanced on a ledge. The calm features of a Buddha, seated among refreshing.



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