Office Building Design | By Nadeem ul hasan & Associates – G&T Tower ,Karachi Pakistan


Location: Beaumont road, in the vicinity of Governor house, PC and Sheraton hotels & PIDC and State Life building.
Area: 185000 square ft approximately
Height: 206 ft

NUHA believes that Architecture is human’s most spiritual embodiment, thus we came up with a very modern building with an element directing towards Qibla. The building elevation speaks for modesty of clean lines, honesty of materials with fidelity to the purpose. Thus making it a timeless, easy to maintain modern façade. Space is the three-dimensional extension of the world around us, the intervals and relationships between people and people, people and things, and things and things. The design approaches to establish relations between people, things and spaces. Salient

G&T tower runs on a CO-GENERATION system ,the heat produce by generators runs heat absorbent chiller.
Atrium designed in a way to gain maximum North light.
Reduction of heat gain is achieved by strategically placing big Concrete mass facade. Double glass (LUI) fixed glazing to gain maximum light in office thus minimum heat & radiation infiltration. Tilted west facade element is to catch the west wind inside thus 5 parking floors free from the stagnant carbon mono oxide danger.





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