Head Office Building Design | By Nadeem ul hasan & Associates | Ferozsons Laboratories Head Office Building ,Lahore -Pakistan


Ferozsons Laboratories Head Office Building

Type Corporate
Location Raiwind ,Lahore-Pakistan
Site Area 74000 Sq.ft
Covered Area 35000 Sq.ft
Cost 100 Million PKR
Design Year 2007
Completion 18th October, 2010
Project Team
Architecture Consultants Nadeem ul hasan & Associates
Project coordinator Muhammad TAHIR Iqba
Structural Engineer Fida Hussain and associates
HVAC consultant A.Sadaat Associates
Electrical Engeneer Ayub and Associates
Contractor Gulf Construction Company

Nadeem Ul Hasan and Associates, has designed a head office building of a Pharmaceutical Company.

Since the client produces life saving drugs, NUHA developed an intriguing concept for the building which echoes the life,

‘Water is the source and plants are expression of life’

Initially this building was planned as ground plus one floor. The site survey informed that the site is actually lower than the road level therefore rain water will accumulate towards the building. The client suggested the filling of land till the road level which was a very expensive solution to this problem. NUHA suggested further digging the site, collecting the rain water in a well and draining it in the natural stream. We housed the canteen and gym building in the lower level with entirely a separate access. This solution proved more economical and functional.

The building emerges out of water (source of life), and plants gush out of the building in a manner that they are fused with the masses. The building is finished with exposed concrete (truth) & painted in white (color of hope) that says it all.

Two amalgamated masses in the design symbolize the joint venture of a Pakistani company with a foreign one. The building sits on a shallow pool to combat hot weather. Tilted main mass is provided to manage the southern solar path.

Since the site location is in the outskirts of Lahore, the availability of construction material was 2 hours away; which stated that we had to be innovative for construction management. Supervisor of each activity is equipped with a mobile having camera phone and internet service in it. Maximum site decisions and instructions were given through emails. The construction activity was so planned that all materials were available beforehand. The drawings were so comprehensive that there is not much of a difference between the 3D view made in 2007 and the building finished in 2010.

A low cost and maintenance free design is achieved through creative solutions and selection of materials. For example, the treads of the staircase are concrete slabs casted in torched wooden mould to achieve the warmth of wood while benefitting from the durability of concrete. External views have been captured through windows at human’s sitting and standing levels. These windows are treated as a niche with transparent back panel as well.


As per client’s requirement, NUHA aspire to achieve not only well defined spaces but also arrangements of furniture so as to define a spatial expanse, allowing it to be perceived as whole. The color palate is derived from corporate colors of companies, used in the same proportion as each company enjoys their share in the partnership. With white as the base color, the most colorful feature in the whole interior could possibly be the human in their attire.

The natural light has been channelized in a fashion that it travels unobstructed. Even the staircase has been designed in a manner that it transmits the light through it which is entering from the skylight provided above it. Majorly no light is required to attain the required lux level when the sun is up. LED’s has been chosen for maintaining the ideology of saving energy. Use of amount of light in any space is fairly worked out through the functional requirement of the space.



The mass composition of elevation has got the personality of a monument; the joint venture is evident on monumental scale. This joint venture is palpable in the features of interior design too.

Most of the problems are addressed through design instead of incorporating expensive materials and complicated details. For example, design has an skylight over stairs to achieve required lux level through natural light; we have provided a floating slab their hanging from the top to combat heat under the light source instead of giving skylight with expensive glass and difficult to maintain details. Moreover, heat is handled with tilted mass and providing thermal walls acting as envelop of the building. Clear glass railing gives maximum flow of natural light in the internal spaces.


Ferozsons laboratories head office building by nadeem ul hasan in Pakistan won the WA Award Cycle 6.


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