Conceptual Illustration | The Cacotopia | Urban Research Work by Architect Soban


Typology Urban
Research by Architect Soban

Dystopias exist everywhere and they vary in their organizations and configurations.

This illustration investigates a hypothetical state of the city of Lahore. It dates a scenario from the future; The urban decay is on its stature. The quality of life is compromised.

Dystopias are produced due to an imbalance in the system. Dystopias are not just hypothetical opposites of utopias but every system that has lost its equilibrium, tends to become a dystopia.

Every system whether political, industrial, geographical, monetary, judicial, urban, whose equilibrium and balance is disturbed, is a dystopia. The word Dystopia is an opposite of Utopia. Utopia means a set of systems which is in perfect equilibrium and there is no external power that is contesting the integrity of this state. A utopia is always in a static state. Which mean, in order for a system to be a utopian system, it should be static in all its totality.

This illustration builds up on a critique over the existing and prevailing economic and urban state of the metropolitans of Pakistan. A lot of neoliberal companies and entities have stylized the urbanism of Lahore.

The population of city has risen above the controllable line so there is a dis balance. People are advised to control their families to slow the overpopulation of cities.

Some neighboring countries have increased their trade ties towards the country and as the history tells us, Lahore has always been the favorite of every ruler from the history. So, everyone is automatically on the fetish drive to get more and more of Lahore. In this pursuit, everyone tries to own every bit of Lahore that is available.

The governance is not able to control over the exceeding land and population issues. The land mafia has captured most of the land so on the once-known ground level of Lahore is no more owned by the commoners, their right to the city is directly challenged.


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