SURVIVAL POD | Academic Project | University of Lahore ,Pakistan


Survival Pod

Type Academic Project
Location DASHT-ELUT Iran
Student Ayesha Aziz
Year 2nd
Institute  University of Lahore ,Pakistan 

Purpose of this design

One of the greatest challenges in addressing climate change is the uncertainty of outcomes. The world is warming and greenhouse gases are accumulating at an unprecedented rate. Among all these situations

There is a need to have a better shelter to survive in the unpredictable natural disaster with all living necessities no matter what kind of climatic condition we’re going through.


Concept was to design a small shelter for a person to survive in harsh climate for 7 days having all the necessities of life.


Dhast-e-lut, Iran where  the world’s highest temperature was recorded at this location i.e. 70.7-degree Celsius and it’s the driest and hottest place

Color Selection

Warm Colors are used like Yellow to represent the harshness of whether.

Design Details

  • Comfortably accommodating a person, the low-energy pod is outfitted to include a running-water kitchenette, flushing toilet and warm bed.
  • With all the essentials necessary for a comfortable prolonged stay without a need to recharge or re-supply, it’s powered by a built-in wind turbine complemented with an array of high-efficiency solar cells.

Structure Design

  • Stainless steel structure.
  • Consist of 3 parts: pod, the ladder and the stand at bottom

The stand at bottom acts as a foundation of the pod.


  • Storage space include food for 7 days, cloths, batteries etc.
  • Food: Desert is a place where you need excessive amount of water. To overcome the need of water, watery fruits are provided.
  • A person requires 2500-3000 calories per day which means .38 kg of food.

Other food items are: carrots, tea, cereals, date, coconut and mango juice.

Water Filtration System 



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