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Thesis Project

DEVELOPING WITH EARTH| Sustainable Solution for Rural Housing

Location Digri , Mirpurkhas, Sindh
Student Syed Shah Salman
Institute Karachi University -Visual Studies Department

Earth has been used everywhere for everything from the most high flying architectural appearance of religion and supremacy to the simple rural housing even ant colonies. Of all construction materials the earth has been there since forever, and now it’s left behind to be identified with poor rural construction with its graph still running negatively,  yet here its decline is not been sudden. It has been the soil changes and adaptation of uneconomical industrially produced construction materials like baked bricks, steel beams, and concrete slabs which have eroded the role of earth architecture in rural communities.

Despite the fact that earth housing consist of one third of the world’s population. It is related as primitive and backward, not something one should be proud of. That is because earth construction has lost its worth, so the technique of good earth construction are being lost too, with little alteration in the native technique it can again be helpful and durable for rural dwellings.


Digri is a small town in district Mirpurkhas, Sindh. And the entire sector is surrounded by the rural area, around which my study revolves. Rural areas however, remains neglected when it comes to development and infrastructure facilities. This leaves the people vulnerable and dependent on only self help.

        The regional vernacular architecture of digri is earth.By the time dwellings build up with earth, walls are now meeting erosion because it is also a flood affected area, in this way the only sustainable material available in this region is running towards its failure.

I visited this village near Digri and work with their native technique with my little architectural amendments, so that their earth houses can survive with the climate.

Site Analysis and Case Studies 

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Concept Design 

Module A 

Module B


School Building 

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Design Elements and Features

Presentation Board

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