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Project : Asylum (Mental Hospital)

 This includes maintaining productive daily activities and maintaining fulfilling relationships with others. It also includes maintaining the abilities to adapt to change and to cope with stresses.Mental illness can occur when the brain (or part of the brain) is not working well or is working in the wrong way.


History Background

The first psychiatric hospital was built by the Muslims in Baghdad in 7o5 AD, under the leadership of the Umayyad Caliph Al-Walid ibn Abd al-Malik. Others would rapidly follow, with some of the more famous ones being built in Cairo in 8oo AD and in Damascus in 127o AD. The physicians of the Islamic world would invent and use a variety of treatments, including occupational therapy, music therapy, as well as medication.t Mental health report(International) Mental disorders are a leading cause of disability globally representing 14% of the global burden of disease. Of those 450 million people afflicted, more than 75% live in the developing world. Most do not receive care. In a recent survey, the World Health Organization found up to 85% of patients in low mid-income countries with serious mental disorders did not receive any treatment in the past year of their illness. Mental Health Report (National) Capital Hospital’s Chief Psychiatrist Dr Anwar told Pakistan Today that 2o percent of the world’s population suffered from psychological disorders. “But the most alarming thing is that the number of patients with mental illness is increasing rapidly in Pakistan 5o patients with psychological complaints visit the OPD in our hospital daily and about 1o to 12 patients visit me daily at my private practice on the same account,” he said. Dr Anwar also said that most patients suffer from depression and stress, and the ratio of females suffering from such problems was twice that of men. While talking about the causes behind this upsurge in mental disorders, he said, “In a prioritized list of human needs, the most basic need is physical security, after that is the need for safety, then the need for social affiliation and lastly, the need for aesthetic satisfaction. Unfortunately in Pakistan people are worried about getting their daily meal, and in absence of other facilities like electricity, they are unable to fulfill even their basic physical needs.

“Dr.Anwar chief psychiatrist”

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Student Name:  Muhammad Ghulam Mustafa joyia

Phone# 03357000025 ,03057860572

School of art design And architecture

University of Gujrat Hafiz Hayat Campus

Student Resume

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