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It is 4 times as strong as traditional precast concrete and performs exceptionally well in demanding conditions.

The main reason behind its strength is carefully calibrated ratio of engineered ingredients and a mixing sequence that strongly holds molecules together and creates strong bonds.

This creates a very dense material which yields excellent flexural and compressive strength and eliminates capillary pores which does not allow any degradation unlike in precast concrete and GFRC panels.

UHPC is reinforced with Alkali resistant Glass fiber and layers of Alkali resistant glass fiber mesh. UHPC is a range of formulations which may be used for many different architectural and structural applications.UHPC products can achieve compressive strength up to 29,000 psi and flexural strength up to 2900 psi.

For architectural UHPC applications polyvinyl alcohol fibers are typical used.

There are numerous advantages of UHPC including cost reduction in formwork, labor, maintenance and time.

Due to its strength, impact resistance, durability and low maintenance requirement it is excellent alternative to traditional materials. Sculptures, benches, bollards, street furnishings are few examples from UHPC .


Raw materials for UHPC

Dry materials

The dry materials in UHPC are cement, silica fume, ground quartz and silica sand.

Fiber Reinforcement

Architectural UHPC precast products are fiber reinforced with fibers having a minimum tensile strength of 140 ksi and a diameter upto 300 microns. Steel fibers may also be used in architecture UHPC when thin sections are desired.


Water should be potable or at least free of contaminations such as oils, acids, chlorides.


Admixtures for concrete are used to enhance or obtain certain properties of fresh and hardened UHPC . High range water reducers are essential to UHPC for providing the plasticizing effects, allowing the concrete to flow to self-consolidation. Air entraining admixtures are not used in UHPC.

Color Pigments

Solid or liquid pigments can be used for Architectural UHPC


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