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  • Lattoo Stools

    We looked back into our childhood…became little children ourselves. Experienced the sights and sounds, returned to the innocence. Spinning our Lattoos on endless summer afternoons, a never ending passion, and each one had a story to tell. Spinning into a trance taking us back in time, the nostalgia, the yearning, that feeling that was always there but never was. A search for a feeling that is indescribable. A yearning for a past that you never want to forget. That’s the feeling that our spinning Lattoo seats will evoke. That experience that enlivens a moment of your long forgotten childhood. Take a spin and experience your nostalgia. Exploring local crafts & culture as an attempt to revive Pakistan’s dying breed, while celebrating its significance in a contemporary style, we present Lattoo stools.

  • Procducts by Coalesce Design Studio

    Coalesce (co·a·lesce/Ko-Les) Design Studio is a Karachi Based Design Firm Specializes in Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design and Construction.

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