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    By setting pieces of shisham wood, polished in an array of attractive colored stains, a ralli-inspired pattern is created along the seat. The design of this chair is both, contemporary in its minimalistic linear frame, as well as enchanting with its natural wood lines, which deliberately remain untouched.

    The Product is from the collection of  ‘FIVE / PAANCH / KHAMSA’

    The Inspiration

    Ralli is a traditional quilting technique, indigenous throughout Sindh, Pakistan. For thousands of years, this culturally symbolic craft has been passed down generations of women – the details and variations of which are held on to, taught, and nurtured only through memory and word of mouth. Providing color to Pakistan’s rich history of craft, ralli has resurfaced as a source of inspiration.

    With ‘5’, the Coalesce team has breathed new life into ralli by capturing the essence of its ‘op art’ allure, and artistically working its geometric patterns into stunning pieces in wood and metal.

    The Collection  

    In keeping with their signature style of beautifully displaying Pakistan’s native patterns and crafting techniques in sleek, modern forms, Coalesce presents a visual treat in their Ralli-inspired collection, ‘5’.

    Squares, triangles, interlocking, openwork, and the unexpected ways in which found objects can be used, all play a part in the quilting of this collection.

    The product was designed for  Design Days Dubai Exhibition – 2014


  • Procducts by Coalesce Design Studio

    Coalesce (co·a·lesce/Ko-Les) Design Studio is a Karachi Based Design Firm Specializes in Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design and Construction.

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