Modern House Design | By The Architects-Studio Tariq Hasan – 2 kanal house

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Simplicity of expression and minimalism are the fundamental guidelines in the design of this 1000 sq yards house dating back almost 20 years. It celebrates tradition and interprets it to the needs of the context, program and the client.
Concepts of traditional living have been evolved to create an architecture where less is more. The entry foyer is characterized by a double height space providing a dramatic play of natural light, elated by shifting shadows. The clerestory windows provided here allow an internal glow by day and an external illumination by night. The interior spaces work like expandable zones leading into one another. The house is like a carved block of concrete bounded by courtyards on all four sides. The heavy walls reduce heat gain and are accented by deep inset windows. The exterior is heavy and plain in contrast to a light and tasteful interior. The courts catch wind and light for the living spaces throughout the day. The courtyard typology is modern but derived from past traditions. There is a sequence of courts from dry to wet to green, a gesture that is noticeable on entry. The clean vertical division of public (ground) and private (first) further reiterates the kind of simplicity this house is based upon.

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Project by  The Architects-Studio Tariq Hasan

Contact at:  +922135820028-29, +922135868896, +922135374538, +922135375585

Since its founding in 1987, Studio Tariq Hasan has developed a highly motivated team of professional and technical staff capable of tackling projects of any scale or complexity without sacrificing any economy or quality. Years of experience in the United States and Pakistan have helped develop a streamlined system of project management that can be applied to projects of different scales. Design concepts are initiated by Mr.Hasan and then developed under his supervision by project architects. Projects are evolved simultaneously in plan, section and elevation. Great emphasis is given to visualizing the design, from the outset, in three dimensions with the help of models and computers. At the same time quantity surveyors and engineering consultants help design the building systems and maintain the project budget. Clients are included at every stage to review the development of design and to give their feedback. This collaborative process yields a truly custom design solution, fulfilling the client’s requirements.

Tariq Hasan has a simple and rational work ethic; excellence and innovation in design followed up by thorough detailing and vigilant construction supervision. This approach to design and execution is independent of the scale of the task. Its philosophy and approach to architecture is a progressive one. Tariq Hasan fits very well into the category of contemporary architects with a mind to explore and execute challenges. Every decision that comes out is after much self criticism and enhancement.

To him, the act of architecture is a depth study of the client, an assessment of his psychological preferences, emphasizing the start of a journey.

Tariq Hasan, as an architect makes conscientious decisions to make all his projects environmentally efficient and sustainable. The intention is to put forth a design that qualifies internationally as being innovative, fulfilling all foreseeable future requirements in energy efficiency. Issues concerning energy are addressed thus, passive and sustainable energy design systems are incorporated in the architectural design scheme.




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