Saloon Interior Design | By Nadeem ul hasan & Associates – Maria’s Salon & Institute

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Project: Maria’s Salon & Institute

Client: Khadija Salim / Maria Durrani

Location: Defense Phase 6, Karachi, Pakistan Salon

Style: Modern, Contemporary Clientele

Styling – 6 Stations,

Pedicure – 2 Stations,

Nail Bar – 2 Stations,

Makeup Classroom – For 8 people,

Massage Room – 1,

Waxing Room – 1

Covered Area: Approx. 2000 Sq. ft.


When I was given this project, the first thing I added myself to the provided brief was that it’s a space which requires very high-maintenance, so it needs to be maintenance-friendly and practical above all. I believe the most beautiful things in the world are most functional at the same time – functionality is aesthetics in itself’, declares Nadeem ul Hasan, ‘And this instinct was coming from my past experience; so we were very clear that this salon has to be purely functional at the first place.’ Before putting the first line on paper, extensive meetings between the client and the architect were carried out to explore the dynamics of space, understand the brief, and recognize the functional facts in order to provide multi-functional spaces capable of overlapping the services. With two offices combined and converted in a salon, overall it is a neat, clean and direct design solution. It is spacious and open in plan, and the functions are separated by providing a different backdrop to each space rather than typical compartmentalization. This maximizes the space, unifies the design elements throughout and certifies that every inch of the space available has been carefully used. The corridor is a buffer between the reception and the services area. Behind the reception is the kitchenette with staff dining, a lavatory and two-way operable storage cabinet which is also accessible by the receptionist spot. Following the corridor is the make-up cum training room and a main hall featuring hair wash, cutting, manicure-pedicure and nail art spots, and a massage room. A water body has been added next to manicure pedicure area for including the dripping sound of water to the environment. With the normal ceiling height, the false ceiling has been avoided providing hanging lights everywhere, appearing as added decorative elements. Lux level for such a space is the most important attribute to cater. The hue of the light here perfectly matches with the tones of the functions the ladies getting ready are set to attend. It is set in all neutral tones with hints of orange colour which has been referred from the logo. As the architect was very conscious of the type of function, once the mood board was set, all the materials selected were tested for long enough to ensure that the ideology of maintenance-friendly solution remains intact. The hair dyes were placed on the tiles to note the time it takes to stain it and the leatherette added for soft textures being washable are the highlights of the process. The plumbing lines in the service areas are kept exposed instead of the conventional practice of burying inside the floor to be easily accessible for cleaning out in case of being choked. The wooden planks of the raised floor are also detachable for any repairs required in the plumbing lines underneath. Mr. Hasan views a salon as a place where you come to change your vision about yourself and the vision of others about you. This statement is embedded in the mosaic pattern added in floor which metaphorically represents the vision of the eye. Starting from the services area floor, the pattern takes the shape of circles, continues on the wall and comes back to the floor as curves in the passage and as straight lines in the hair dressing area. The colors used in this pattern are the appealing shades taken from the cosmetics colour-palette and perhaps is the only thing that makes this salon exclusive for women. –       Sadiqa Salman

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Project by Nadeem ul hasan & Associates

contact at : +92 21 35304228


First floor, Yasmeen Arcade, Plot # 8/C, 33rd Tauheed Commercial Street, Phase – 5, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan


NUHA, formed in 2001, is a multi disciplinary consulting architectural firm, providing a comprehensive and complete line of architectural and interior design services, from conceptual design to construction management, to a variety of private and public sector clients. The firm offers comprehensive professional services in following fields:

Architectural Planning and Detailed Design

• Commercial and Recreational Buildings
• Institutional Buildings
• Industrial Buildings
• Hospitals and Medical centers
• Residential Buildings

Interior Planning and Detailed Design

• Banks
• Hotels, Restaurants and Recreational Buildings
• Institutional Buildings
• Company offices, Factory offices
• Showrooms and Shops
• Residences

Services and Capabilities

• Studies, reports, surveys and evaluations
• Cost estimation and feasibility
• Detailed Design and Working Drawings
• Documentation for Tender, specifications and Bill of quantities
• Scrutiny and analysis of bids
• Monitoring and scheduling of construction works
• Verification and approval of contractors bills
• Top supervision to check the construction quality



• Global
NUHA designs for future on an international standards and norms. Winning both national and internationalawards and Joint ventures abroad can be considered as a proof to the fact.

• Exposure
Vast exposure of international exhibitions enables NUHA to broaden its material palette.

• Novelty
NUHA produce original design for each client, each of its design is different from other is confirmation to it.

• Comprehensive
NUHA deals with both architectural and interior design thus produce well coordinated drawings. By virtue of this, unnecessary delays and construction cost is curtailed.

• Focus
Being a medium size growing architectural firm, NUHA enable to give due time and attention to each project.

• Competitive
To NUHA, architecture is more of a passion so they charge very competitive remuneration for its services.

• Cost effective
NUHA believes in low cost design solutions.




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