Modern Library Design | By Lakeer Design Studio – Szabist Library

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Project Details

As the architects of this project, we perceive human beings as books. Just like no two books are identical in their content, neither can all books of different content fit on the same shelf. As readers, we all require a certain type of space to be in, which varies from person to person. Keeping that idea in mind, the library has been designed to have varying types of reading spaces, giving the user the opportunity to be able to find his/her own corner to read. The Phase 1 of the library is a set of four rooms that bleed into each other through openings – yet remain separated with screens and dividers. This creates a whole range of varying reading environments, suited to the reader’s preference. There is an array of siting spaces to read in, some right in front of huge glass windows for those who love reading books in a natural environment, some for group readings, some in brightly lit spaces, and some in dimmer atmospheres, keeping in mind the intensity of light needed for a reader to read a book while not hurting his/her eyes. Readers have the freedom to sit inside niches, lie down and read or to read in corners completely surrounded by books. Readers can choose whether to read while siting on the chairs, on the floor or even while reclined on steps. No two readers have the same mind so why provide them with just one type of reading space?

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Project by  Lakeer Design Studio

Lakeer Design Studio is a circle of eccentric young architects with a flair for innovative approaches to holistic spatial design. They do not hesitate to charter the unfamiliar territories of experimental design techniques that encompass the fresh and energetic union between spatial, architectural and interior design.


Khizer H. Laghari

Managing Partner/Principal Architect

Raasmia Haque

Managing Partner/Principal Architect

Bariya Hussain

Managing Partner/Principal Architect

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Photo Credits : Haseeb Amjad



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