Modern House Design | By Ahsan Farhan Associates-1 kanal

  • Project by Ahsan Farhan Associates


    Art, Design or Architecture is better done as a passion. We endeavor to bring life to our passion through technology and enriched concepts.

    Architecture and design is something, we find, being evolved with in ourselves. In this regard, Nature and surrounding environment have always been a source of inspiration.

    Designing a space is based on establishing relationship between existing and conceived environment, keeping in mind clients’ requirements, form and the theme.

    Designed spaces (interior or open) and forms (buildings) do express themselves and they speak too. They develop a strong relationship with the inhabitants and users. Understanding of this particular point forms the basis of visualization that enables us to draw the first line in any design project.

    Architectural Photography by: Rana Atif Rehman

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    contract at: 0300-8048799

    The professional ‘Architectural Photography Service’ was launched by RDC in the year 2011. Having an experience of over 6 years particularly documenting and photographing the building and real estatedevelopment project for various firms and developers across Pakistan, our work has been exhibited at various national level forums, magazine, journal, furniture websites related to the field of Architecture & Building Industry.


Info-360 is an Online Architecture Projects Directory which has evolved into a Complete Portal to Pakistan Architecture, Construction , Real Estate and Academics. It was Started Back in 2014 by Architect Abdul Ahad ,Graduated from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore . The Idea Behind info-360 is to provide a single platform for Architects,Contractors ,Students to Display their work and Business Profile and to create a 1- Stop Information source for Visitors.

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