5 Star Hotel- Hasht Bihisht (Thesis Project)

Student: Nouman Aslam


university of Engineering and Technoloy Lahore


Hasht bihisht is based on Mughal architecture the building will reflect the spirit and ambience of Mughal architecture, and will provide a sense of belonging to the people through its form, planning, materials and decoration



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  1. MUHAMMAD ALI says:


  2. Manzoor Hussain says:

    hello! will you please send me your thesis research and design report please

  3. teeksha says:

    can u please mail me some reference files for five star hotel @nouman aslam @guptateeksha@gmail.com

  4. Nidhi Dhila says:

    Hello sir,i am student pursuing architecture and right now working on my thesis,it would be a great help if you could share your amazing thesis design or some reference files for five star hotel .My mail id: nidhi.dhila@gmail.com. Thank you sir.
    @nouman aslam

  5. Mona says:

    Hello sir,i am a student pursuing architecture and working on my thesis I also want your help please if u can mail me information related to 5star hotel including case studies i would be really grateful to you.my email id is mona.chaturvedi121@gmail.com

  6. jenika gold says:

    Hiii, i am in need of 5 star Hotel reference files for my thesis… can you please mail me if available. my mail ID is goldjenika@gmail.com

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello Sir, I am architecture student, currently doing 5 star hotel design. Can u please mail me information related to 5 star hotel including case studies i would be really thankful to u. My mail id is pavithra483@gmail.com

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